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They were immediately placed in the guardroom by a superior officer but this was a futile attempt to prevent the news from spreading. Although the soldiers of the Connaught Rangers were spread over a wide area word of the mutiny quickly passed from barracks to barracks.

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One of the barracks was at a place called Solon and it was here that James Daly entered the story. Although he was only twenty years old, Daly seems to have been regarded by the other men as a natural leader and it was inevitable that those men would look to him. He was determined to stand by his comrades who had mutinied and he led an attack on a weapons storehouse in the barracks.

This attack was repulsed and the army, after much drama, regained control of the situation.

Connaught Rangers

However, the events of that summer had the potential to destabilise British rule in an India already on the edge of revolt. It follows the path of the mutiny, describes how the British army reacted and explains what happened to the main protagonists once the mutiny had ended.

88th Regiment of Foot (Connaught Rangers)

It is a remarkable story of Irish soldiers in the British army who risked and, in some cases, lost everything. I have also produced a radio documentary on the events of the mutiny.

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They attacked without orders from General Picton who was notably absent from the battle! The 88th Foot are, in almost every category, slightly superior to standard British Foot. Considering that Foot themselves are already among the best line infantry in the game, this makes the 88th Foot a formidable regiment of line infantry, indeed, and the single best regiment of non-guard line infantry in Napoleon: Total War in most regards. Formidable as they are, they are still vulnerable to being attacked from outside their range, as well as cavalry charges from the flank or rear. The 88th Foot work best when their flanks are well-guarded and they are supported by cavalry and light infantry. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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