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Have Institutional Access? Forgot your password? PDF Preview. Table of Contents. Related Content. This book offers insight into the engagement with photography in Japanese literary texts as a means of bringing forgotten subject-object dynamics to light. It calls for a fundamental reconfiguration of the parameters of modern print culture and its presumption of the transparency of agents of representation. Author: Charles Exley. Early investors in the company included Edwin B. Morgan , Christopher Morgan , Edward B. Sold for a penny, the inaugural edition attempted to address various speculations on its purpose and positions that preceded its release: We shall be Conservative , in all cases where we think Conservatism essential to the public good.

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We do not believe that everything in Society is either right or wrong. In , the newspaper started a western division, The Times of California , which arrived whenever a mail boat from New York docked in California. However, the effort failed. One of the earliest public controversies it was involved with was the Mortara Affair , the subject of twenty editorials in the Times alone; the main office of The New York Times was attacked during the New York City Draft Riots.

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Hervé Guibert: Voices of the Self (Liverpool University Press - Modern French Writers)

The riots, sparked by the beginning of drafting for the Union Army , began on July 13, On " Newspaper Row ", across from City Hall, Henry Raymond stopped the rioters with Gatling guns, early machine guns, one of which he manned himself; the mob diverted, instead attacking the headquarters of abolitionist publisher Horace Greeley's New York Tribune until being forced to flee by the Brooklyn City Police , who had crossed the East River to help the Manhattan authorities.

In , Henry Raymond died, George Jones took over as publisher. Tweed had offered The New York Times five million dollars to not publish the story. In the s, The New York Times transitioned from supporting Republican Party candidates in its editorials to becoming more politically independent and analytical. In , the paper supported Democrat Grover Cleveland in his first presidential campaign.

While this move cost The New York Times a portion of its readership among its more progressive and Republican readers, the paper regained most of its lost ground within a few years. Shortly after assuming control of the paper, Ochs coined the paper's slogan, "All The News That's Fit To Print"; the slogan has appeared in the paper since September , has been printed in a box in the upper left hand corner of the front page since early The slogan was a jab at competing papers, such as Joseph Pulitzer's New York World and William Randolph Hearst's New York Journal , which were known for a lurid and inaccurate reporting of facts and opinions, described by the end of the century as "yellow journalism".

Under Ochs' guidance, aided by Carr. The Royal Letters Patent that he granted, the predecessor of the current legal deposit requirement, made it mandatory for printers to submit a copy of every book printed in Spain to the library. In , the library's status as Crown property was revoked and ownership was transferred to the Ministry of Governance. At the same time, it was renamed the Biblioteca Nacional. During the 19th century, confiscations and donations enabled the Biblioteca Nacional to acquire the majority of the antique and valuable books that it holds.

In the building was used to host the Historical American Exposition. On March 16, , the Biblioteca Nacional opened to the public in the same building in which it is housed and included a vast Reading Room on the main floor designed to hold readers. In the Reading Room was reorganised, providing it with a major collection of reference works, the General Reading Room was created to cater for students and general readers. During the Spanish Civil War close to , volumes were collected by the Confiscation Committee and stored in the Biblioteca Nacional to safeguard works of art and books held until in religious establishments and private houses.

During the 20th century numerous modifications were made to the building to adapt its rooms and repositories to its expanding collections, to the growing volume of material received following the modification to the Legal Deposit requirement in , to the numerous works purchased by the library.

In , when Spain's main bibliographic institutions - the National Newspaper Library, the Spanish Bibliographic Institute and the Centre for Documentary and Bibliographic Treasures - were incorporated into the Biblioteca Nacional, the library was established as the State Repository of Spain's Cultural Memory , making all of Spain's bibliographic output on any media available to the Spanish Library System and national and international researchers and cultural and educational institutions.

The Biblioteca Nacional is Spain's highest library institution and is head of the Spanish Library System; as the country's national library, it is the centre responsible for identifying, preserving and disseminating information about Spain's documentary heritage, it aspires to be an essential point of reference for research into Spanish culture. Promote research through the study and reproduction of its bibliographic archive.

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Disseminate information on Spain's bibliographic output based on the entries received through the legal deposit requirement; the library's collection consists of more than 26,, items, including 15,, books and other printed materials, 4,, graphic materials, , sound recordings, , music scores, more than , microforms, , maps, , newspapers and serials, 90, audiovisuals, 90, electronic documents, 30, manuscripts. Bibliographic information about its collection and those held by other libraries or library systems. Access to its automated catalogue, which contains close to 3,, bibliographic records encompassing all of its collections.

Archive consultation in the library's reading rooms. Interlibrary loans. Archive reproduction. Integrated Authority File The Integrated Authority File or GND is an international authority file for the organisation of personal names, subject headings and corporate bodies from catalogues. It is used for documentation in libraries and also by archives and museums; the GND is managed by the German National Library in cooperation with various regional library networks in German-speaking Europe and other partners.

The GND falls under the Creative Commons Zero licence; the GND specification provides a hierarchy of high-level entities and sub-classes, useful in library classification, an approach to unambiguous identification of single elements. It comprises an ontology intended for knowledge representation in the semantic web, available in the RDF format; the Integrated Authority File became operational in April and integrates the content of the following authority files, which have since been discontinued: Name Authority File Corporate Bodies Authority File Subject Headings Authority File Uniform Title File of the Deutsches Musikarchiv At the time of its introduction on 5 April , the GND held 9,, files, including 2,, personalised names.

The fictitious names in the novel represent real people, the "key" is the relationship between the nonfiction and the fiction; the "key" may be produced separately by the author or implied through the use of epigraphs or other literary techniques. London : Cape. ISBN Busby, Brian. Toronto : Knopf Canada. He is known for his erotically charged images of pubescent girls, but for the refined, dreamlike quality of his imagery.

Throughout his career, Balthus rejected the usual conventions of the art world, he insisted that his paintings should be seen and not read about, he resisted any attempts made to build a biographical profile.

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His given name was Balthasar Klossowski — his sobriquet "Balthus" was based on his childhood nickname, alternately spelled Baltus, Balthusz or Balthus, his father, Erich Klossowski , was an art historian. According to Balthus he belonged to the former Polish petty nobility and his family bore the Rola coat of arms.

This undocumented family background would be appropriated by Balthus when he decided to use the surname "Klossowski de Rola".. Balthus had the Rola arms embroidered onto many of his kimonos, in the style of a Japanese kamon. In the catalogue of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Balthus exhibition, she was described as the daughter of a cantor from Kovelitz in Novgorod in the Russian Empire.

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However, Balthus told his biographer Nicholas Fox Weber that this was erroneous, that his mother came "apparently from a Protestant family in the south of France ", but according to Weber, this was a confabulation on Balthus's part. In fact, Balthus would embroider upon his story of his mother's ancestry, saying that she was related to the Romanovs and the Narischkins, powerful aristocratic families of Russia.

In another confabulatory twist, Weber reports that Baladine's lover, the poet Rainer Maria Rilke , had said that the Spiros were descended from one of the richest families of Sephardic Jews , i. Weber doubted this story too, since Balthus's son Fumio, born in the late s, had Tay—Sachs disease, a genetic disorder associated with East-European Jews. The artists Maurice Denis and Pierre Bonnard were visitors, as was the art dealer Pierre Matisse ; the children had a Scottish nanny, Balthus would say that his first language was English, although his parents spoke German to one another.

Overall, Balthus had an idyllic memory of these early childhood years, which were disrupted when the first world war forced the family to leave Paris in , shortly after the war began, in order to avoid deportation due to their German citizenship, they settled near Geneva. In his parents separated, his mother moved with the two boys to Geneva, they lived in a comfortable neighborhood.

About a year his mother became the lover of Rilke. Balthus undoubtedly experienced this replacement of his father as a traumatic event given the romantic ecstasies and agonies of his mother's relationship with Rilke, which made him feel jealous and abandoned. However, Rilke was impressed with the young "Baltusz"'s artistic talent, helped him to publish his first work in , at the age of 13; this was a book titled Mitsou which included forty drawings by a preface by Rilke.

The comic-book-style pictures depicted the story of a young boy; the themes of the story foreshadowed Balthus's lifelong fascination with cats, along with a feeling of loss or disappearance. At Christmas of , financially destitute, moved to Berlin with her children in order to live with her brother.

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In Balthus visited Florence , where he copied many frescos by the Renaissance master Piero della Francesca ; this inspired an early ambitious work of his: the tempera wall paintings of the Protestant church of the Swiss village of Beatenberg which he executed in From to Balthus lived in Morocco. Some pointed up for the soccer. There issued a account marxist performed, easily some reinforced formed.

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