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In this specialty, engineers build integrated environments for computing, communications, and information access. Examples include shared-channel wireless networks, adaptive resource management in various systems, and improving the quality of service in mobile and ATM environments. Some other examples include work on wireless network systems and fast Ethernet cluster wired systems. Engineers working in computer systems work on research projects that allow for reliable, secure, and high-performance computer systems.

Projects such as designing processors for multi-threading and parallel processing are included in this field. Other examples of work in this field include development of new theories, algorithms, and other tools that add performance to computer systems. Computer architecture includes CPU design , cache hierarchy layout, memory organization and load balancing. In this specialty, computer engineers focus on developing visual sensing technology to sense an environment, representation of an environment, and manipulation of the environment.

The gathered three-dimensional information is then implemented to perform a variety of tasks. These include improved human modeling, image communication, and human-computer interfaces, as well as devices such as special-purpose cameras with versatile vision sensors. Individuals working in this area design technology for enhancing the speed, reliability, and performance of systems.

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Embedded systems are found in many devices from a small FM radio to the space shuttle. According to the Sloan Cornerstone Career Center, ongoing developments in embedded systems include "automated vehicles and equipment to conduct search and rescue, automated transportation systems, and human-robot coordination to repair equipment in space. This specialty of computer engineering requires adequate knowledge of electronics and electrical systems. Engineers working in this area work on enhancing the speed, reliability, and energy efficiency of next-generation very-large-scale integrated VLSI circuits and microsystems.

An example of this specialty is work done on reducing the power consumption of VLSI algorithms and architecture. Computer engineers in this area develop improvements in human-computer interaction, including speech recognition and synthesis, medical and scientific imaging, or communications systems. Other work in this area includes computer vision development such as recognition of human facial features.

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Computer programming Electrical engineering Information engineering Software development Systems analyst. Association of Computer Engineers and Technicians. Retrieved December 17, Computer System engineering has traditionally been viewed as a combination of both electronic engineering EE and computer science CS.

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